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K9 Ambassador - Dog Training Centre

our specialization is to train and supply Personal Protection Dogs as well as provide a Protection Training Service.

Our European Top Trainers can teach you, your dog new techniques and methods.
They are ready to help you and your dog to get him on higher standard.

Offers you a full dog training service in obedience and protection, which we will introduce to you in this section.

In case, you have special requirements do not hesitate to call us or send an email.   

available direct our training centre

Obedience + Family/Personal Protection Training

Obedience + Family / Personal Protection
Avaliable 1 to 1 or Residential

Security Protection Training

Security Protection
Handlers with certificate only!

Dog Sport Protection Training

Dog Sport Protection - Helper Work
Avaliable SchH / VPG or IPO

Police Protection Training

Protection Helper Work for Police Dogs
Only Police Dog Handles

available direct our training centre or in client residental fields
Helper Course

Helper Course
Sport, Personal Protection & Police work all in one


Sport, Protection and Police


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